Water Management

Development of National and Regional Infrastructure: Embedding of a new Technology for Water-Desalination & Purification in a Techno-economical Environment of a Sustainable Water Management Strategy

Our Customer is the government of a arid nation in the Middle-East. Here Water Managament is of high strategic importance - from the water supply demands as well from techno-economical perspectives.

In first step a new technology for water desalination & purification in front of a techno-economical background was investigated.

In a second step the Novatec Team developped a nation-wide concept for Strategic Water Management and relevant organisations & authorities.

Concept for sustainable, nation-wide Water Management System

Every new project, regadles, whether it is a scientific, R&D or a construction project (e.g. set-up of a new desalination plant) should fit into a nation-wide Water Mangement concept, considering:

  • Water Production
  • Water Storage
  • Water Supply
  • Water Consumption & Re-Use
  • Water Quality Assurance

Setting up a team of experts (chemistries, physicians, sea-water biologists), organisations (University institutes, governmental organisations) and companies (manufacturer, component or technology suppliers) considering:

  • Technical Feasibilities (incl. Simulation, Lab & Worshop-Management)
  • Physical & Political Environment
  • Techno-Economical Chances & Risks (markets, intellectual properties)
  • Pragmatic, Solution Oriented Water Supply Chain Strategies

Project Planning, Team Recruiting, Project Controlling

Our core team has recruited a group of eminent water specialists (chemistries,
physicians, sea-water biologists, etc.) and companies specialised and the area
of machine construction and fluido-dynamic.

Project Document Administration & Knowledge Management & Workgroup Management

Set-Up of a project related Content Management System including the Admistration
Services, maintaining all types of documents, actions, appointments and their
interdependencies. Document Scanning and electronic distribution.