Project Management (PM)

External PM * PM Support * PM Coaching * PM Method In-House Training

  • Time, Resourses and Cost Planning
  • Combination of PM-Methods and social Engineering

Project Management Coaching Service

Project Management Coaching is a very cost efficient way to empower and support our clients Project Manager achieving the project objectives in time and budget.

We assist the Project Manager setting up the project environment, e.g.: 

  • Task Planning 
  • Budget Planning 
  • Resources Management (Load Balancing) 
  • Task Description 
  • Project Document Management 
  • Reporting


Full Project Management (01-FPM)
Project Planning * Project Team Recruiting & Managing * Back-Office Support * Project Administration * Project Repository & Document Distribution * Budget Planning / Description * Resources Management (Load Balancing) * Project Reporting * Multi-Project Management
Project Management Coaching (02-PMC)
Project Management Method Coaching * Personal Coaching * Back-Office Support * Reporting Support - - on behalf of the In-House Project Management Team
Simultaneous Engineering (04-SE)
Structured Project Task Interlocking * Development of a Component Release Matrix * Evaluating Go/No Go Criteria * Establishing a Simultaneous Engineering Team * Project Risk Managment
Project Monitoring & Controlling (05-PMonC)
(Third Party Overall-) Project Progress & Risk Monitoring * Supplier Independent Project Reporting * Project Repository
Outsourcing Process Specification (01-OPspec)
Process requirement engineering and contributors * Selection and Specification of Outsourcing Tasks * Identification of appropriate service providers
Requirement Engineering (02-PRE)
Requirement Engineering (Company, Strategy, Process, Project or Product) resulting in objectively verifying specification items. Structured analysis of ALL available impact factors and soft facts resulting in measurable specification items for later acceptance testing.
Virtual Document Management (03-VDM)
Web-based Document Management * Secure, Internet Storage & Retrieval System * Scanning Services * Keywording & Indexing Services
Technical Documentation (20-TD)
Technical Documentation for Hard- and Software-Products * Technical Documentation as per PPE Regulation 2016/425
Business Process Analysis & Optimization (01-BusiProcOpt)
Operational Process Analysis * Contributor Analysis * Process Inputs / Outputs * Responsibilities * Process Ownership * Process Objectives * Business Process Re-Engineering * BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
Virtual Business Platform (01-VBP)
Web-based Business Portal * Customer Relationship Mangement - CRM * Content Management System - CMS * Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP * Shop System