Outsourcing Management

Make or Buy Decision Taking * Outsourcing Partner Recruiting * Outsourcing Process Specification

Front Office Aided BPO

  • combines the advantages of On-Site BPO, Off-Site and Offshore BPO
  • by minimizing the disadvantages of both outsourcing methods !
  • On-Site
    • Contractors are joined to the In-House R&D Team
  • Off-Site
    • Contractors are working in the (close) neighbourhood of the R&D-Team
    • … joining the team according to the actual project phase
    • … or on demand
  • Offshore
    • Contractors are working separately to the In-House R&D-Team
    • … joining the team according to the actual project phase


Business Process Analysis & Optimization (01-BusiProcOpt)
Operational Process Analysis * Contributor Analysis * Process Inputs / Outputs * Responsibilities * Process Ownership * Process Objectives * Business Process Re-Engineering * BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
Outsourcing Process Specification (01-OPspec)
Process requirement engineering and contributors * Selection and Specification of Outsourcing Tasks * Identification of appropriate service providers
Requirement Engineering (02-PRE)
Requirement Engineering (Company, Strategy, Process, Project or Product) resulting in objectively verifying specification items. Structured analysis of ALL available impact factors and soft facts resulting in measurable specification items for later acceptance testing.
Full Project Management (01-FPM)
Project Planning * Project Team Recruiting & Managing * Back-Office Support * Project Administration * Project Repository & Document Distribution * Budget Planning / Description * Resources Management (Load Balancing) * Project Reporting * Multi-Project Management
Project Management Coaching (02-PMC)
Project Management Method Coaching * Personal Coaching * Back-Office Support * Reporting Support - - on behalf of the In-House Project Management Team