Tele-Medicine, M-BPO

Tele-Medicine via ITES: Sleep Lab Data Analysis

Business Process Outsourcing in medical applications

Our partners in Germany are medical institutions or individual medical doctors searching for outsourcing partners in analysing time consuming long-term records - like e.g. Sleep Lab Data - to improve speed in patients data analysis and diagnostics in the sense of a "Second Opinion".

Our outsourcing partners are highly educated, experienced specialists in various medical areas. We are continuously extending this community - more specialists to support more institutions and individual in a growing market.


Partner Management

These services require a powerful team of medical doctors, IT service providers and project managers. Novatec Systems Engineering is piloting M-BPO by sleep lab data analysis and diagnostics. Via pilot projects we are assembling an international team experts in sleeping and respiratory science.

Virtual Business Platform

With our VBP - Virtual Business Platform we provide the virtual communication and Data Exchange Podium for the Medical Service Community. Registered partners have full access to the patients cases, the knowledge base and the communication features, providing highly secure information exchange and discussion feasibilities without requiring additional tools.

Desktop Sharing

Leading edge Desktop Sharing allows Synchronous Real-Time Diagnosis using sophisticated medical analysis tools.