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Globally Acting Marketing Sales Organisation

Customer: Mid-Sized US-Company, Manufacturer
Objective: Set-up & operation support of a globally acting Marketing & Sales Organization, Product EN Certification

Our Customer is a typical mid-sized manufacturing company producing excellent products years back for the US-Market only. Why not to sell these products all over the world?

Jointly in a team of marketing, sales and financial administration experts Novatec Systems Engineering has taken over the responsibility for all technic related tasks, such R&D Services, IT Enabled Services (ITES), Testing & Certification Support and Technical Documentation Services on behalf of the US mother company.

EN Certification (PPE)

We are supporting the manufacturer in designing his products according to European legislations and took over the EN Certification processes for all these products from the Requirement Specification over Technical Documentation as per PSA Regulation 2016/425 including Instructions fo Use.