BPO - Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing via ITES.

Business Process Outsourcing - BPO requires precisely specified business processes. Often those processes considered to be outsourced do not belong to the company's core processes. However even when the processes are well known to the company there is no staff available to write the specification and to manage the outsourcing process.


With its Full-Service-Concept Novatec Systems support and / or manages any necessary step to achieve profitable BPO ? Business Process Outsourcing:

Business Process Analysis

  • Identifying Processes as they are.

Business Process Optimization

  • Developing new Process and Process Interfaces to enable BPO.

Project Management

  • Select an appropriate Outsourcing Partner
  • Train the Outsourcing Partner on the particular Business Processes
  • Coach the client to re-engineer surrounding in-house processes
  • Depending on the final process: set-up an Web- Portal to enable the Outsourcing Processes via Internet
  • Monitor the start-up phase