Special Measurement Systems

Luminous Transmittance * ADF Switiching Time * Homogeneity * Scattererd Light


Small Angle Scattered Light Measurement System (A08-008)
Small Angle Light Diffusion / Scattered Light Measurement System for Eye & Face Protectors (Face Shields, Goggles, Eywear, Glasses) including Automatic Darkening Filters (ADF), Automatic Welding Filters (AWF) as per the simplified method acc EN 167 sect 4 (532 nm illuminator)
Homogeneity/Angle Dependence Measurement System (A09-017)
System to measure, register and evaluate the variations in luminous transmittance / homogeneity and angle dependence of Automatic Darkening Filters (ADF), Automatic Welding Filters (AWFs)
ADF Measurement System (A08-037)
Measurement System to determine Luminous Transmittance and Switching Time of ADF devices at extremes of temperatures as per EN 379 modified to state-of-the-art olutions.