R&D Services

Functional Specification * Hard- & Software Conception, Prototyping, Testing * Documentation * Certfication Support


Strategic F&E Planing (02-SFEP)
Technology Management * Technical Conception of Products or Systems
Project Management Coaching (02-PMC)
Project Management Method Coaching * Personal Coaching * Back-Office Support * Reporting Support - - on behalf of the In-House Project Management Team
Business Process Analysis & Optimization (01-BusiProcOpt)
Operational Process Analysis * Contributor Analysis * Process Inputs / Outputs * Responsibilities * Process Ownership * Process Objectives * Business Process Re-Engineering * BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
Simultaneous Engineering (04-SE)
Structured Project Task Interlocking * Development of a Component Release Matrix * Evaluating Go/No Go Criteria * Establishing a Simultaneous Engineering Team * Project Risk Managment
Technical Documentation (20-TD)
Technical Documentation for Hard- and Software-Products * Technical Documentation as per PPE Regulation 2016/425
Virtual Document Management (03-VDM)
Web-based Document Management * Secure, Internet Storage & Retrieval System * Scanning Services * Keywording & Indexing Services